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Tugas Bahasa Inggris "Descriptive Text About Animal"

Favorite Animal
Lion is One of Africa's Big Five, the lion is a carnivore (meat eater) and a hunter. It uses its powerful forelegs to grab or slap down large prey that would otherwise outrun it. The jaws are short and strong with long canine teeth that are used to quickly kill the prey, either by biting the neck and strangling or by biting the nose and suffocating. The tongue's upper surface has small bumps on it which enables the lion to hold on to meat while eating and to remove parasites when grooming.
Its legs are short with very powerful muscles enabling it to sprint and bring down large prey.  The ability to retract its claws helps in protecting them so they maintain their sharpness.
Male lions are 20 to 35% larger than the females and 50% heavier. The male's chief role is to protect the pride's territory and females from other males. Size is therefore an advantage though it increases the male's need for food. Only males grow a mane. It causes him to look bigger without increasing his weight or need for food. It also protects him from bites and scratches should he have to fight another male.
Each lion has, what are called, "whisker spots". The pattern formed by this top row of whiskers differs in every lion and remains the same throughout its lifetime.  Field researchers often use this unique pattern to identify specific animals.
Animal That live on land
Elephant is one of the biggest animal in the world. This animal is from Africa. Elephant has a big body. Its color is grey. It has four legs. And its legs are very big and very strong. Elephant has two wide ears. Elephant has two eyes that the eyes are black and small enough. It has a trunk, and the trunk is long. Elephant has two long/pointed tooth and the name is tusk. And this tusk, trunk and legs can be a weapon of elephant use to defense it self from the other animal. And elephant has a short tail.
Elephant is a herbivore. It like to eat some plants such as grass, small trees, leaves, etc. Because elephant is a big animal so it need to eat so much food to fill its need, and elephant like so much to eat. Elephant is a tame animal. But if it become to angry it can become a dangerous animal.
Elephant usually does its activity at morning until evening, if the night is coming, it usually goes to sleep. Elephant is the strongest animal in the world. Elephant can pull down a big tree, because of that some animals are very afraid to elephant.  Not only another animal but also humans are very afraid to elephant if it become angry. But elephant is very afraid to mouse. Although elephant is a big animal, elephant can run about 40 - 60 km/s, so it is fast enough. The elephant’s habitat is at tropic area such as Africa, Indonesia, etc. and elephant usually can we find it at tropic area and savanna area. Elephant is a warm blood animal. Elephant is a mammal so it has baby not egg and the body of the female elephant is bigger than the body of the male elephant.

Animal That live on water

The octopus, the squid and thecuttle fish belong to the same family that has no outside shells. Their bodies are covered entirely with skin. Therefore the body of an octopus is soft. It looks like a big balloon. A fully-grown octopus can be as large as 8,5 metres from the tip of one tentacles to the tip of another. It can weigh as much as 45 kilograms.
Besides using its tentacles to catch small fish, sea plants, crab and lobsters, the octopus also uses them against its enemies. The octopus wraps its tentacles around the victim and squeezes it before eating it.
The octopus escapes from its enemies by giving out a thick dark fluid to darken the water. It can also change the colour of its body to match its surroundings. It hides from its enemies by doing this.

Animal That live on air
The eagle is a carnivore bird.  The eagle is a wild animal. Eagle like to eat meat, expecially snake. Eagle has two leg. Second has claw very sharp. Usually eagle foot is used to prey. Eagle is ovipar that lays eggs. So, eagle can not yean. It has brown color at the body feather and white colour at the neck feather and at feather its tail. Has sharp beak and curved. This beak is used to tear up the prey. Has ear but doesn't has auricle.

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